Keynote addresses

Keynote Addresses /Invited Presentations

2014 Curriculum Movement in Higher Education:(The Iranian Experience). International Conference in Quality of Higher Education Curriculum. Isfahan

2014 Future Perspectives of Teachers’ Training and Development: Toward a Workplace Curriculum UNESCO International Expert Meeting on Promoting   the Quality of Teaching and Learning with Emphasis on the Role of Teachers (Farhangian University, 27 April 2014

2014 Conceptualisation of Training and Developing Discourses. National Conference of New Perspectives in Human Resources Development. ISTD

2013 Future of Training and Development. National Conference of Training and Development Management.  ISTD

2012 Application of ICTs in Higher Education Curriculum: Current situation and future Perspectives. 4TH Annual ICT in Higher Education Summit. Johannesburg. South Africa:

2011 Invited Track Chair International Conference on e-Commerce, e-Administration, e-Society, e-Education, and e-Technology :

2010 Curriculum Evaluation in Physical Education: Toward a Comprehensive Model.

Second National Conference on Physical Education. Sharekord. Iran.

2009 Modeling of Managers supports for Training and Development: Possible Scenarios. First Conference on Organizational Training. Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran. Iran

2009 Curriculum Development in Higher and Further Education: Challenges and

Perspectives: Eighth Iranian Curriculum Studies Association Conference. Tabriz Univeristy. Iran

2008 Toward a Comprehensive Model of Evaluation for Training and Development of Teachers. National Conference of Training and Research Managers. Mashahd. Iran

2008 Internationalisation of Curriculum: An emergent trend in the world. Seventh Iranian

Curriculum Studies Association Conference. Mazandaran University. Iran

2007 Strategic Curriculum Planning in General Education with Respect to Iranian Outlook

1404. Iranian Curriculum Studies Association Conference. Teacher Training University. Iran

2004 Do we really Need Educational Standards? The First Conference on Educational

Standards. Min. of Education. Tehran. 2004

2003 Needs Assessment: The missing element in Educational System of Iran. International Conference on Quality Improvement of General Education. Ministry of Education. Tehran. Iran

2003 Web- Based Curriculum Development. Second National Conference on Agriculture

Education. Shiraz. Iran/ 2003

2000 Citizenship Education through Extra-curriculum. The First Conference on School Camping. Min. of Education. Tehran.Iran. 2000