1. Scientific and Cultural Organizations:

Member of Research Commission. Ministry of Education. 1999-Now

Curriculum and Research Advisor. Office of Planning School Textbooks. Min. of Education. 2000-2002

Advisor of training and planning. National Organization for Vocational and Technical Education. 2004

Advisor, Office for management development. Ministry of Education. 2000

Advisor, Department of training and development. Ministry of Education. 2001

Advisor, Training and development office. Social Welfare Organization.2002-2005

Member of Research Council. Human resources organization. Ministry of Education. 2002-2003

Member of Research Council. Center for research on higher education. Ministry of Science, Research and Technology. 2006-now

Member of Research Council. Vocational Education Unit. Ministry of Education. 2003-now

Head of International Committee. Iranian Curriculum Studies Association(ICSA). 2004-2008

Member of Publication Council. Institute for Planning and Research in Higher Education. 2007-2011

Member of Education Commission. Supreme Council of Education. 2008-2010

Member of Committee on Human Sciences Development. Ministry of Science, Research and Technology 

Member of Research Council. Institute for Planning and Research in Higher Education. 2007-2011

Member of Education Commission. Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution. 2012-Now

Member of University Council. Farhangian Central University. 2013-Now

2. Industrial/Manufacturing and service organizations 

Advisor. National Oil Company.   

Advisor. Saman Bank

Training Advisor. SIPA automobile manufacturing Company

Advisor. Iranian Insurance Company

Training Advisor. Ministry of Defense.

Advisor. Agriculture Bank of Iran

Training and Consultancy. Institute for Productivity and Human Resources Studies

Training and Consultancy. National Gas Company

Training and Consultancy. Ansar Bank

Advisor. National Center for Statistics

Training Advisor. Ministry of Cooperation

Training and Consultancy. MAPNA Group

Training and Consultancy. Center for Industrial Training and Research

Training and Consultancy. Organization for Industrial Management

Training Advisor. . Gol Gohar Mineral Company.

3. Training and Development 

Ministry of Energy

Ministry of Petroleum

National Center for Public Management

Mostazafan Foundation

Amir Kabir Univeristy (Faculty Development)

Shahed Univeristy (Faculty Development)

Shahid Beheshti University

Guilan University

Kurdestan Medical University

Organization for culture and Islamic Relations

Custom of Iran

Iran Broadcasting

Ministry of Industry

Fishery Organization of Iran

Iranian Steel Organization

Petrochemical Organization of Iran 

 Iran Space Agency

Ministry of Health and Medical Education