Conference Presentations

Papers Presented at National Conferences:

(1996)Leadership roles for Teachers in New Educational System of Iran. Tehran: Min. of Education. 1996

(1997)Evaluation of Content Presentation Styles in Iranian Primary School Curricula. 5th Conference on Primary Education. Min. of Education. 1997

(1997)The Strategies of Family Education (Focus on Curriculum). Conference on Youth and Family. Shiraz. 1997

(1998)The Family Education Experiences: A Comparative Perspective: The Fars Conference on Family Challenges. Shiraz. September 2004

(2004)Do we really Need Educational Standards? The First Conference on Educational Standards. Min. of Education. Tehran. January 2004

(2005)Conceptualizing the different models of Parents  participation in School Curricula. First Congress on family Pathology in Iran. Tehran: National University of Iran. May 2005

(2005)Exploring the experiential Curriculum In higher Education. The Iranian Curriculum Studies Association Annual Conference. Tehran, National University of Iran.. June 2005

(2006)Faculty members participation in Curriculum Development in Higher Education. The Iranian Curriculum Studies Association Annual Conference. Kerman, University of Kerman. June 2006

(2007)The place of Tourism in Iranian Primary School Curriculum. The Iranian Curriculum Studies Association Annual Conference. Shiraz. June 2007

(2007)A Feasibility Study of Curriculum Change in Higher Education in Iran: National Conference on Political Education. Iranian Association for political Sciences. Tehran, University of Tehran. March 2007 

(1995) Training and Development in Iran: Past, Present, Future. The First Seminar on Training and Development in Organizations. Ministry of Education. Tehran. Iran

(1996)  Evaluation of Content Presentation in Science Curricula. National Symposium on Education. Isfahan. Iran

(2002) Web Based Curriculum Development. Fifth Conference on Scientific and Applied Training in Agriculture. Shiraz. Iran

(2003) Experiential Curriculum: A Model for Study of Curriculum. Third National Conference of ICSA. Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran. Iran

(2007)Globalization and Curriculum. Eighth Conference of ICSA. Iran

(2007)  The place of Iranian Ethics in Primary School Curricula. Eighth Conference of ICSA. Iran

(2008) Decentralization of Curriculum Development in Higher Education. National Conference on De/Centralization of Curriculum. ICSA. Kerman. Iran

(2008) Factors Affecting academics Participation in Higher Education Curriculum. National Conference on De/Centralization of Curriculum. ICSA. Kerman. Iran

(2009) Application of Social Networking in Training and Development of Teachers. First Conference on Organizational Training. Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran. Iran

(2010) Toward A Model for Curriculum Change in Higher Education: The case of Humanities. Second National Congress on Human Sciences. Tehran. Iran

(2011) Coaching in Training and Development. Eighth Conference on Human Resources Development. National Center for Studies of Productivity and Human Resources. Tehran. Iran

(2013) Evaluation of PhD Program in Curriculum Studies. First National Conference on Quality Evaluation in Higher Education Systems. Shahid Beheshti University. Tehran. Iran

Papers Presented at International Conferences:

(1999)Needs Based Curriculum Approach? Australian Curriculum Studies Association (ACSA) Perth. Australia. 1999

(1999) Citizenship Education through Extra-curriculum. The First Conference on School Camping. Min. of Education. Tehran. 1999

(2001) Required Characteristics for Good Citizenship in Iranian Society and Consistency of the Iranian School Curricula with these Characteristics. Australian Curriculum Studies Association. (ACSA) Canberra. Australia. 2001

(2002) Curriculum Needs Assessment: A missing Element of Iranian Educational Systems. International Conference on Quality of Education. Tehran, Iran. December 2002

(2002) Toward a Model for Needs Based Curriculum Leadership. Commonwealth Countries Educational Administration and Management (CCEAM) Omeo. Sweden. 2002

(2004) Web based Curriculum Development: Opportunities and Threats. First International conference on vocational and Technical Education. Shiraz. Iran.2004

(2006) Designing a Model for Curriculum Studies in Higher Education. New South Wales Regional Conference on Higher Education Series, University of Southern Cross, Australia. June 2006 

(2007) Internationalisation of Curriculum in Higher Education: Toward New Scenarios. HERDSA Annual Conference. Perth,  of Western Australia. July 2007

(2007) A Feasibility Study of Internationalization of Curriculum in Higher Education. Organization of Tomorrow People. Bangkok, Thailand. Dec 2007

Research Needs Assessment at University Level: Focus on National University of Iran. International Conference on Quality Assurance in Higher Education. University of Malaya. Sep 2007

(2009) Alternative scenarios for research management in higher education. International conference on Education and Development. Madrid, Spain. March 2009

(2009) Internationalization of Higher Education: ICT Applications. Bangkok, Thailand. February 2009

(2008) Conceptualizing Different Models of Curriculum Development in Higher Education. APERA annual Conference. Singapore. November 2008

(2008) Using Conceptions of Curriculum as a Meta- Evaluation Framework for Medical Education (With Dr Craig Zimitat, University of Tasmania, Australia) Accepted paper for presentation at New Zealand Association of Educational Research Conference, July 2008

(2009) ICT Application in higher education curriculum development. International conference on Educational Technologies. Singapore. April 2009

(2010) Role of Internationalisation of Curriculum in University Development: International Conference on University Development through International cooperation. Philippines, February 2010

(2010) Toward a model for study of lived curriculum in higher education: A phenomenological approach. Comparative Education Society in Europe. XXIV Conference, Uppsala, Sweden. 2010

(2011) Internationalisation of Higher Education. Workplace Learning and Sustainable Development for Individual, Organization and Society. 2011 AHRD 9th International Conference of the Academy of HRD (Asia Chapter) Shanghai. China)

(2012) The study of factor affecting attraction of international student to Iranian university. Denver. USA. 2012