Research Project Leader

Faculty Members Participation in Curriculum Development .1998-2000

Designing a Model for Needs Assessment at School Level. Min. of Education. 1999-2000

Identification of Personnel Needs. Bonyade Shahid Organization. 2000-2002

Designing a Curriculum for Quran Teacher Education. Organization for Planning and Management. 2001-2002

Evaluation of S B U Performance (1999-2002) Shahid Beheshti Univ. 2002

Identification of Student’s Educational Needs at General Education Level. Min. of Education. 2002-2004

Strategic Curriculum Planning for Iran 2020: A National Report. Ministry of Education. 2004-2006

Research Planning and Priority Setting for Ministry of Education. 2005-2006

A Study on Sociological Needs and Foundations for Including in National Curriculum. 2006-2007

Designing Value Education Curricula for orientation Programs: A National Project.  Ministry of Defense.  2007-2008. 

A Practical Guide for Curriculum Change in Higher Education. . Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Technology. 2007-2008

Research Needs Assessment. Organization for National Statistics. 2004-2005

Designing a Master degree program for Religious Studies. Hoze Elmie Qom. 2005

A Comparative Study on Structure and Administration of General and Higher Education in selected Countries. Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Technology. 2007-2008.

Designing Curricula for Workplace Training. Organization for Physical Education. 2008

A Meta-Analysis on De/Centralization Studies of Curriculum Decision Making. Ministry of Education. 2008

Designing a Comprehensive Training and Development System for Ministry of Defense. 2009

Structures of Higher Education and General Education of Iran. Ministry of Higher Education. 2009

The Sociological Foundations of Curriculum: Implications for identifying skills and values to be considered in national curriculum. 2009

Designing a Comprehensive Educational System for Ministry of Cooperation. 2009

Designing a Curriculum Change Model for Humanities. Ministry of Science, Technology and Research. 2010

Curriculum Change Barriers in Higher  Education. Shahid Beheshti University. 2010

Designing a Comprehensive Training and Development System for National Insurance Company of Iran. 2011

Needs Assessment of Selected Professions of Saman Bank Using DACUM Analysis. 2011

Needs Assessment and Program Planning for Staff Training and Development of Agriculture Bank of Iran. 2012

Needs Assessment and Designing A Master Program on Electronic Agriculture Banking. Agriculture Bank of Iran. 2013

Designing a Comprehensive Training and Development System for Gol Gohar Company. 2009

Re-Designing Training and Development System for National Oil Company. Ministry of Petroleum. 2009